IP60 Electric Linear Actuator

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● Max Thrust: 130 N

● Low Noise

● Stroke Length: 10 ~ 150mm

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Product DescriptionIP60 Series High Speed Electric Linear Actuator, small in size with motor built-in, can be widely used in various applications, such as hospital care bed, household furniture, office and etc.
IP60 Series Electric Linear Actuators, get another name called thumb actuator because of of their mini appearance, with motor built in, regualr input voltage is from DC 6-12V. Low noise design, noise level below 65dB. Our linear actuator with linear reciprocating motor and durable stroke ideal for automotive, medical devices and engineering industry, agricultural machinery, wedding system, industrial electric lifting system, medical electric bed, surgical bed, traction bed, electric sofa, electric lifting lever, electric booth, electric sunroof, electric wheelchair, etc. It can be replaced by hydraulic, pneumatic products ideal for saving energy consumption.
The load push capacity (which is equal to load pull capacity), is from 20N to 150N, in other words, IP60 linear actuators can push/pull 2kgs ~ 15kgs stuff.
Regular stroke length of IP60 actuators, is from 30mm to 150mm, bulk orders can customize the length you want.
Please notice below:
● Before use, please check whether the motor voltage is correct and the power supply current is sufficient.
● Please do not store or operate linear actuators in high temperature or humid enviornment, or place  in corrosive gas, which will reduce motor efficiency and using life.
● When install, please pay attention to screws if they are too long and the company must not over-pass the long screws to the parts inside the motor.
● Bracket and controllers need to be purchased sepatately, if you can not find the products you need, you can direct contact us at: cassie@thehoodland.com we will reply you with quotation as soon as possible.
● Please check if linear actuators damage at the first time you receive, and contact us.
Hoodland offers a wide variety of durable and reliable products that are excellent value for money. Every product has been rigorously tried and tested against demanding industry standards, ensuring high-quality products that are trusted by engineers worldwide.

Features● Color: gray
● Input Voltage: DC 12V / DC 6V
● Smart design
● Powder Metallurgy Gear
● Aluminum alloy shell, blackening treatment
● Protection: reach to IP54 level
● Bulit-in limit switch
● Noise level ≤ 48dB

NO-LOAD SPEED (MM/S) 4 8 15 30
DYNAMIC LOAD PULL (N) 150 70 50 20
STROKE LENGTH (MM) 30MM ~ 150MM, Or customizeed (please contact us with your requirements)
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 0°C~ +40°C (+32°F ~ +104°F)
LIMIT SWITCHES Built-in Limit switch
OPERATING FREQUENCY 10%, max 2 min cutinuous use
INNER TUBE Aluminum Tube
Notice: If you need customized actuators or optional features, please contact us for double check before you place orders.


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